Mistakes and how to deal with them.

Everyone makes mistakes in raids, like forgetting to kicking a certain spell or running the wrong direction on Mother. Such mistakes are forgivable in early raid instances as they have limited consequences, but in later raids like Black Temple and Sunwell, these mistakes can prove very fatal to you and your raid.

The trick is to accept that you’ve messed up and move on. You may upset a few raiders or even your raid leader, but as long as you didn’t “accidentally” ninja all 3 tokens and a random epic off of Archimonde, most mistakes are forgivable.

Step 1: Making the mistake.

This is by far the easiest part. All it takes is a slight lapse in judgement or a forgotten step on a very intricate fight, and all of the sudden your healers are screaming for help, your DPS is crying bloody murder and your tanks are silent. With Anger.

Examples of mistakes include (but are in no way limited to):

1. Switching from bear form to cat form to try and kite Azgalor back to the tanks (Which failed miserably, meaning another 30 minute clear of trash).

2. Getting stuck on a bench just before pulling the Illidari Council (Here’s looking at you, Mallet.)

3. Whirlwinding a pack of sheep.

4. And lastly: Forgetting that your bar mod doesn’t switch when you become a ghost during the Gorefiend fight, and not having the appropriate macros set up. (This was an expensive mistake, to say the least.)

Step 2: Accepting failure.

You messed up, and a few guys are not pleased. There’s no point in arguing or blaming lag (although it is quite convenient), just make a note of what you did wrong and resolve to not do it again. There will be more raids and more mistakes, just make sure they happen few and far between.

This isn’t to say you should just take being yelled at. If there was absolutely nothing you could do to avoid the circumstances that caused you to folley, then by all means, plead your case. Just make sure your unavoidable consequence isn’t “The big bad lag monster” or “Wife Aggro”.

Like I said before, everybody makes mistakes. Just make sure you don’t make one very often or you may end up looking for a new raid group.

Step 3: Don’t look back.

 Nobody likes it when they wipe because of someone else’s mistake. People get upset and take it out on the person at fault. Should this person be you, don’t let it get to you. You know what you did wrong and you know what you’re going to do differently. There’s no reason to beat yourself up afterwards for not doing X or Y a certain way.

Hell, in a week or two you’ll be able to joke about it with your guldies between pulls.


~ by veganzombie on May 12, 2008.

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