Websites every Rogue should know about.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while.

Through my talks with various other Rogues, I’ve come to realize that perhaps not all of them understand what makes a raiding Rogue “Good”. I covered the basics before, but I think a list of resources would be beneficial. It’s up to players like Bruce to use them, however. – I use this as a sort of “Gear Checklist” while raiding to see if those Bracers or that Mace truly are an upgrade, or if my DKP can be used elsewhere for greater effect. There are some tough decisions you will have to make every once in a while, but in general you should roll on what would benefit you most.

Elitist Jerks – This is a link most any class could benefit from. There are class discussions for all classes and they go as far as determining the optimal stats to choose at a certain gear level and beyond. To be more specific, every rogue should read through this thread.

Keep the blades sharp and the blood flowing,



~ by veganzombie on April 22, 2008.

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