Raid Night 1: My Kingdom for a Rogue

Tonight we’re raiding Black Temple and I figured I’d try a posting style that my friend (and healer) Mallet introduced me to: Live Blogging!

I’ll be updating this page during downtime in the raid.

Tonight we’ll be throwing ourselves at the dread guild-stopper: Gurtogg Bloodboil! Expect a lot of frustration and…

Never mind, looks like we’re clearing Mount Hyjal tonight.

9:04: Invites have been out for 34 minutes, we’re still missing 5 or so raiders.

9:06: Executive decision passed down to ditch BT and head for Hyjal.

9:24: First Pull…

9: 42: Winterchill down. You have no idea how handy those PvP Trinkets are in this fight.. Pop it during Ice Bolt, Ice Block and Win. He Dropped a [Tracker’s Blade] and [Bracers of Martyrdom].

9:49: Second Round commencing!

10:10: Anatheron Down! Dropped [Don Alejandro’s Money Belt], [Hatefury Mantle], and an Epic Gem Recipe.

Rogue Tip: It was mentioned prior to the fight that Vanishing or Feigning Death may interrupt or cancel the casting of ‘Inferno’ on yourself. After testing this myself, I can say that Vanishing WILL interrupt the first cast of inferno, but Anatheron WILL RECAST Inferno on you when he sees you again. This can be useful for buying yourself some time, I guess but ti would be best to save it for a more important occasion.

10:23: Lots of waiting around for.. who knows what.

10:30: 3rd Wave Has Commenced.

10:55: [Belt of Seething Fury], [Valestalker Girdle] dropped by Kaz’Rogal! Note: Resisted or Missed ‘Distracts’ are a horrible thing when using them on a 25 Man Boss.

11:00: Got subbed out for Bruce. Missed the Azgalor fight (Bawww..) and the trash (YES!).

11:40: Stepped back in and did 1 attempt on Archimonde, wiped and the raid was called.

Not really an eventful night. But I did hit Exalted tonight so I should probably go get my Ring from Scale of the Sands.. Good stuff! Come back soon, I should have another post coming within the next few days!


~ by veganzombie on April 17, 2008.

One Response to “Raid Night 1: My Kingdom for a Rogue”

  1. Heh, hyjal is an inconvenient instance to try and blog from.

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