5 Signs That You’re Doing It Wrong

I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now, and through the years the game has changed substantially. Game mechanics, new stats, new tricks to use, but one thing has remained constantly the same: Some people just don’t know how to play! And so here is a brief list of things to look out for as a Combat Rogue (This may apply to some other specs, but I haven’t played them enough to be able to blog about them with confidence.)

1 – Slice and Dice is not up 100% of the time

If you spend more than 1 second in a fight without SnD up, you’ve failed the rogue community and you’re free to leave the game. This ability is essential to your DPS and if you’re not having trouble keeping it up you can either A) Start using more combo points for SnD, or B) Reroll another class.

2 – Dry Blades!

As a rogue, never leave the house without your poisons. I carry a stack of every kind of poison on me at all times, out of habit. But as a general rule of thumb you’re going to want to carry Deadly Poison, Wound Poison, and maybe Crippling and Instant Poison on you at all times. You never know when a Boss fight is going to require you to trounce his attempts at healing or when some pesky Troll is going to try and escape your blades.

3 – Adrenaline Rush and Blade Flurry are not on cooldown.

If you are not using AR and Blade Flurry constantly, you are also gimping your DPS. Now, I say this with a word of caution, because if you decide that popping Blade Flurry and running into a group of Sheeped casters is a good idea, maybe you deserve the consequences.

4 – Windfury does what?!

If there is a Shaman in your group and he’s dropping Windfury Totems, it would generally be a very good idea to Remove your mainhand poison. Now, I may be insulting some of your intelligence out there, but this is an easy mistake to make. Just don’t forget to do it.

5 – Eviscerate or Rupture?

As a Combat Rogue, Rupture is your friend. If it bleeds, Rupture it. There is no other explanation other than to say that if this is news to you I shall mock you, repeatedly. Thou shalt only Eviscerate when thine Rupture should fail!


~ by veganzombie on April 1, 2008.

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